1000 Grills Dressing or dipping sauce

Posted by Administrator on 7/29/2015 to Sauce
1000 Grills Dressing or dipping sauce

1000 Grills Dressing or dipping sauce
If you like 1000 island dressing or creamy balsamic then you can make this in a snap.

Equal parts Mayo-to- Burnt Sacrifice sauce
Spoonful of sweet pickle relish
optional: splash of lemon juice.

If its too tart then more mayo, and if you want it more tart then either add more sauce or a splash of ketchup. That's it. Stir it up and you are ready.

I have used this for fish-sticks, and if you go heavier on the mayo then its an instant 'secret sauce' for burgers or sandwiches.

Lower in fat: And its lower in fat because you are cutting half the mayo out for the sauce.

Just because your mom, wife, kids, and doctor tell you you have to eat veg doesn't mean you still cant have BBQ. If you have some leftover BBQ meat you can also dice it up and throw it on.