Easy Quickthaw Device - Already at your house

Posted by Administrator on 7/29/2015 to Technique

Amazing Quickthaw device. Never eat a rubber chicken.Easy Quick thaw Device - Already at your house

Defrosting in the microwave is always lousy, and you have to be organized to set your thaw the day before, but I thawed out these frozen chicken strips in just 40 min at room temp all by using my handy contraption you already have at your house. I made a heat pump.

Making cheap meats taste expensive

Posted by Administrator on 7/29/2015 to Rubs
When I was a kid my mom would occasionally make a London Broil and it would be so tough I felt like I had to floss for a few days afterwards. It was just awful, until I learned this simple, simple trick. Slow cook it.

Two Sauces in One

Posted by CorBishop Stan on 6/28/2010 to Sauce
The New Sauce is out - With a powerful surprise.

The new sauce has all the great taste of the older sauce but actually makes a powerful marinade. I'm not getting reports from people who are "double saucing" which gets the flavor INTO the meat.

I've tried this with chicken and it worked really well. To do it all you need to do is follows: