Two Sauces in One

Posted by CorBishop Stan on 6/28/2010 to Sauce
The New Sauce is out - With a powerful surprise. It's a sauce and a marinade.

The new sauce has all the great taste of the older sauce but actually makes a powerful marinade. I'm now getting reports from people who are "double saucing".

I've tried this with chicken and a piece of pork and it worked really well. To do it all you need to do is as follows:

1) Wash off and dry the chicken and then coat in the sauce: You can also just throw it in a gallon sized ziplock bag with some sauce and set it in the fridge for a couple hours. (I did this with chicken tenders and they were ready in an hour)

2) When it's time to throw it on the fire (or the oven) throw any remaining liquid from the bag out. Don't reuse that since it's now infested with raw chicken or pork bacteria.

3) Cook chicken or pork until its about 75% done and then recoat with the sauce. What you are looking for is to see that the outside of the meat is dry. If juice is coming out of it then its not ready yet and the new sauce wont stick.

You can just keep basting with the sauce if you want, but when I did it I just went once and it worked well. Dont be afraid to recoat the meat when its cooked on to form a nice glaze.

4) Since there aren't any thickeners the water will cook off the sauce pretty quickly and it can also take high heat or a broiler since it only has real sugar and molasses in it.