The Best BBQ Rub or Dry Rub for Ribs - Chicken - Wings - Pork - Turkey - Steak - Brisket - Prime Rib

The foundation of every successful cookout starts with a good Dry Rub or BBQ Rub to really get the flavor inside the meat and improve it's flavor. Suitable for grilling, smoking, Oven BBQ, or cooking on your Weber.

New Sausage Seasonings

It's easy to make your own sausage. Just mix our seasonings with ground meat and you are ready to go. Previously only sold to butcher shops.

Wisconsin Bratwurst, Mexican Chorizo, Country Breakfast, Hot Italian, Mild Italian and Ruby Sweet Italian

Burnt Sacrifice Swet italian Sausage Seasoning

New! Professional  Sausage Seasonings

Order this month and get a sample of our new great seasonings. each sample makes 1 Lb of sausage. It's easy to make and we know you are going to love it.


Bratwurst, Chorizo, Country Breakfast, Hot Italian, Mild Italian, Ruby Sweet Italian.

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Sweet Gift Box

Sale $16.50 - Includes Gift Box

Out gift selection comes packed in a gift box making it perfect for the holidays. Just hand them out!  Buy a bunch and your Christmas is handled!

Perfect for all your BBQ pals.
Burnt Sacrifice Gift Box Signle packets makes a great present

Big 11 Gift Box


Get all 11 of our rubs and seasonings.  With shipping included. Send a gift they can make you dinner with.

Includes: Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis, Northwest Salmon,
Santa Maria Tri-Tip, Sweet Carolina, 1777 Kitchen Pepper (Sugar Free), Lemon Herb Pepper Rub, Traditional Terb Turkey, Steakhouse (Sugar Free), Prime Rib Seasoning and Rub.

Gift Box Sets

Burnt Sacrifice Big 10 Box Set

Big 10 Jumbo Box

All 10 Varieties in Jumbo Packets

Includes New Turkey Seasoning

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Burnt Sacrifice BBQ Rubs Big 10 Bag set - serious BBQers

Big 10 Variety Gift Box - 10 Oz Bags

All 10 Varieties
Includes New Turkey Seasoning

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