Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders
(Pic taken today for lunch) - Easier than Ribs and you won't get complaints unless you run out.

The pics are for a super simple bacon wrapped chicken tender recipe using Burnt Sacrifice Rubs and sauces. When my friend and I ate them they EXPLODED with juicy flavor, yet were pretty easy to prepare. The Pic shows 3 versions. Classic plain, Apricot glaze, and with Burnt Sacrifice BBQ sauce.

The basic version:

+ Chicken tenders, fully thawed
+ Dallas, Memphis, or Sweet Carolina BBQ rubs
+ Bacon. I got this cheap bacon that was cut way too thin at Smart N Final, and it turned out to work like pancetta.

How to:

1) Sprinkle on one of the rubs. use a light amount and season both sides. then put int he refrigerator for a few hours or over night.
2) If you are using an oven preheat, if using a skillet then med heat and preheat. Use an iron skillet or heavy bottom one if you have it.

If using a grill then you want a med heat.

3) Wind the bacon around the pieces and lay it on a ray
4) Sprinkle brown or white sugar on the outside. This aids in browning.
5) Lay them in the skillet, or put on a cookie sheet for the oven 350F. For a skillet then you need 6 min each side. check your oven or grill for the same.
6) When the chicken seems done then either pull them and let them cool or get ready to sauce them.

Sauce variant:

The pic shows 3 versions: No sauce (tasty), with an apricot glaze (fancy), and with Burnt Sacrifice BBQ sauce (KABOOM). I used the Dallas rub very lightly and it was very flavorful and lightly spicy.

Turn up your heat if you have a gas grill, or pull the meat and switch your oven to broiler for the sauce phase

Burnt Sacrifice Sauce
My sauces are pretty strong stuff and made for complexity and variety of uses, so you only need to brush a thin layer on and put it under the broiler. I only brushed one side and it was very flavorful

Apricot Pepper Jelly Glaze
If you want to go all fancy and change things up a little and you have some Apricot jam, then this is a quick and easy glaze to make

1 pt water
3 pts Jam

Put them in a small bowl and heat in the microwave and stir up. Then brush it thick onto the meat and put back into the oven or under the broiler for a few minutes. When it starts to bubble then pull it out and let it rest until just warm. Then its time to serve.

It will taste like you used an expensive pepper jelly as the peppers and black pepper from the Dallas melts with the fruitiness of the sauce.

I haven't tried marmalade, tart cherry, fig, pineapple or blackberry jam, but any strong fruit based jam should work pretty well. If anyone tries them then please post your findings here.

Want to go exotic? Why not add ground ginger to a marmalade and a nip of scotch or bourbon? Or add a fruity Zin to a jam and brush on.

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