Easy Coleslaw - The one you MEANT to make

Easy Coleslaw - The one you MEANT to make

For Easter dinner we had a nice kind of BBQ themed dinner with ham, coleslaw, mac & cheese, beans and a nice desert.

But when I ate the new recipe of Coleslaw I said out loud, "This is the slaw I meant to get at the chicken joint" and there was laughter, so now I am offering up this quick recipe that will definitely please.

1 -2 x 16 oz bags of slaw mix or slice up a head of cabbage thin and eyeball 2-4 cups

2/3 C Mayonnaise (not the tangy stuff)

1/4 C Sugar

3T Milk, or Half-half, or heavy cream, or possibly buttermilk. I haven't tried buttermilk so if someone does let us all know how it is. I used half-half.

2T Vinegar, White or Apple cider 5% acidity (the grocery store stuff)

1/4-1/2t Black Pepper

1/2t Memphis rub

Top off with some paprika for flair. Double points if you use Spanish or Hungarian sweet smoked paprika.

The balance was lightly tangy and sweet. I don't like my slaw all super saucy, so you can just use half if you have 16 oz slaw mix and then add it in at the end if its not saucy enough. If you are making this far in advance then just use half as the cabbage will sweat making the slaw too soupy.

Optional add-ins: I wanted as basic a recipe as I could so that anybody with virtually any skill level could hit a home run, but if you are like me you can't leave well enough alone, so here are some possible add ins to make this your own. if you have another add in then post below.

Celery seeds
Ground ginger
boiled peanuts

You should be able to use all 3

To heat it up:
Try horse radish or cayenne.

I have made this with horseradish, celery seeds and ginger powder and it was terrific. i took it to church and there wasn't anything left.

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