Defrosting in the microwave is always lousy, and you have to be organized to set your thaw the day before, but I thawed out these frozen chicken strips in just 40 min at room temp all by using my handy contraption you already have at your house. I made a heat pump.

What you see here is a replacement for pesky "Thawing devices", which as I just said, is a heat pump. All you need is a couple aluminum pans or in this pic a thin metal square bake pan and a aluminum skillet. The important thing is to have a lot of surface area. When I took this pic the skillet at the bottom was as cold as a refrigerator because it was acting like a heat foil or radiator taking the 'frozeness' out of the chicken.

So if you are disorganized or busy this is really the way to go and cleanup is easy. Obviously, the bigger the piece like a frozen tri-tip or big roast, then the longer you have to wait, but this will thaw out a frozen pound of hamburger in record time.

Note: Don't use water, this device will work better.

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