English Muffin Burger

My favorite burger is a English muffin burger with an absurdly thick meat patty.

The Bun

English muffins are usually cheap but are pretty airy. Make sure to toast them. I use cheap margarine and then in the last few minutes it's right on the grill. It's imperative that you toast these muffins so they don't they will fall apart and taste floury.

The Meat

Use a good 80/20% fat meat, but if you are into it then Walmart sells a 50/50% pork and beef burger that tastes like veal. Don't even think about a super lean burger which will just taste dry and fall apart.

The Spices and process

Super easy! Take the meat and put it in a bowl. 

Put in:

Worcestershire: put in about 1 T per lb

Kansas City Rub: put in a good amount http://burntsacrifice.com/Kansas-City-BBQ-Rub-Dry-Rub

Black pepper: Put in a bunch. I like it peppery, you may not

Secret Ingredient: put some ketchup or a thick BBQ sauce into the meat. Not too much, so just a couple T/lb


Make the patties just 25% wider than the bun but also make them thick, about 1-2". The muffins aren't that big so it's not really that much meat but you are going to maximize the meat flavor.

For little kids just make a thin patty

In the last 5 min of cooking...

Put any ketchup or bbq sauce on the meat so it can heat up and cook down

Condiments and finishing

It's up to your tastes but I would advise you go light on any additional condiments. I only use a thin slice of tomato and possibly some pickles. Overdoing the veg on this one may work against you and your muffin buns could fall apart.

Using cheese?

Think about a medium sharp cheese to maximise the flavor. If you like American cheese then look for a med to Sharp sharp cheese.

Well I hope you all enjoy!

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