Lazy-tasty eggs Benedict - without sauce

Lazy-tasty eggs Benedict - without sauce
This is my standby easy tasty breakfast. Best used with Dallas, Memphis or Sweet Carolina rub. Might work with Santa Maria.

What you need:
+ 4-6 eggs
+ 2 pieces toast - buttered
+ Jam - I have used blackberry and marmalade. You need something strong and fruity. Apricot should work. Grape would work but the flavor is tame.
+ Burnt Sac Rub - Dallas, Memphis, Sweet Carolina, Kansas City and possibly Santa Maria
+ (optional) Ham - lunch meat works fine. you just need 1 slice per toast. Optionally, thinly sliced leftover BBQ meat that is smoked works great.

1) make toast and butter it and apply the jam and lay the ham slices if you are using it on the toast. The heat of the toast will warm the ham
2) Cook the eggs over easy or sunny side up and sprinkle the rub on the eggs when they first hit the pan. the first time just do one side and see if its strong enough.
3) When the are done slide the eggs on the toast
4) I cut up the eggs and toast before i dive into them as it lets the yolk mix with the bread which tastes really great.

the combination of the spices and the jam seems to really work together the combination of the salty/sweet really turn the old tastebuds on! I eat this all the time and thought i would share it with you all to test and see what everyone comes up with.

PS: I like wheat bread, but if you get the whole grain kind of bread with lots of seeds then it really works with the texture of the eggs and ends up being slightly hamburger-y at a fraction of the calories. But there is a ton of taste! This pic used the Memphis rub.

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