Making cheap meat taste "Expensive"

When I was a kid my mom would occasionally make a London Broil and it would be so tough I felt like I had to floss for a few days afterwards. It was just awful, until I learned this simple, simple trick. Slow cook it.

I took this one giant London and put a good coating of the Santa Maria rub on it and then cooked it at 225F until it was med rare. Probably at 50 min/Lb. Of course, our Kansas City rub would make the meat extra beefy tasting too.

I took this to a church dinner and cut it thin across the grain. Everyone thought it was Tri-tip. Including the Archbishop! It was tender and flavorful and lost almost no moisture at all.

Now I do this for Tri-Tip too and it comes out so moist and tender its almost like a Filet Mignon. Easy to make and easier on the wallet.

Don't be surprised if you pull it out and virtually no water or moisture has come out. It's still in the meat and that's why it's so juicy.

IMPORTANT! when you pull the meat out wrap it up in some foil and just let it rest for about 15 min until it's warm, but not hot. Dont cut it open or the juice on the inside will run out making your meat dry. This is the final trick here.

Post Note: I've also tried this on pork roasts and chicken. Works well. Not recommended for steaks, but might work for pork chops.

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