Big McRib Sandwhich

Rapturous Joy

I decided to make the ultimate McRib sandwich again as I do every year. The taste was so amazing and it was kind of like a big linquicia but still very BBQ. And this sandwich is terrific for novice BBQ'ers.

I used the Burnt Sacrifice Memphis rub and a bunch of ground pork. Man was it good. 

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Here's how I did it

Pork: I used a little over 1/2 lb or ground pork, but you could use dark meat turkey or ground chicken. The key thing is that it can't be low fat or it will be dry and fall apart so you do need some fat. I used regular fat pork.

The idea is that you are going to make a big rib sandwich without the fuss, muss or real cooking skill.

Rub: I took the rub, about 1 oz and I just mixed it all through the meat with my hands. I used Memphis, but the Kansas City or the Sweet Carolina rubs would have worked as well. 
Kansas City
Sweet Carolina

Bun: you can see the type of bun, but I put some margarine on and gave it a little coating and then grilled it. So good! you want that bread heated up and with a little crunch on the inside.

Saucing it up: I put the sauce on only at the last 5 min just for it to heat up and cook down a little.

Then it was all down the hatch and boy was it so amazing. So I know I had to share. I cant believe I ate the whole thing... And that now I want to eat another one.

Try it out and see how it goes! 

Memphis Rub

Kansas City Rub

Sweet Carolina

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