Prime Rib BBQ Rub

Prime Rib BBQ Rub (or Dry Rub)

Old time lodge steak-house flavor that lets you beat the restaurants.

It's all natural with No MSG, No Preservatives, No Gluten, No High Fructose Corn Sweetener, and No Anti-Caking Agents. We got rid of the junk to make room for more of the good stuff.

Prime Rib is a special cut of meat. The wonderful fattiness and soft meat all have secrets that have to be unlocked with the right application of spices and salt. The right method develops the crust and the right rub gets the flavor to the center of the cut. And this rub will get all the way to the center.

Garlic, rosemary, thyme, black pepper and special surprises will reprise the great old Lodge House type steak-houses that were popular in the 70's that I grew up enjoying as a boy. Now you will be able to beat the steak house... At your house!

Every BBQ competitor and every BBQ restaurant start with a rub. The foundation of all great BBQ or grilling begins with your rub. The basic spices of the rub will enhance the flavor of whatever you are cooking, and also modify the flavor of the sauce. This gives you the effect of a different sauce for each rub you use. Try one of our fantastic Burnt Sacrifice competition-class sauces, available in several spice levels, to finish with our rubs or use as a dipping sauce. Our rubs are specifically designed to be bold enough to stand up on their own so you can enjoy the flavor of the meat, but will also work well to enhance the BBQ sauce.

Best on: Prime rib, Beef roasts, Tri-tip, Lamb and Chicken.

Saltiness: Med

Sweetness: Non

Ingredients: Salt, Garlic, Sugar, Spices.

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