DIY BBQ Sauce - Super Easy and Tasty using Memphis Rub

Bishop Stan's Easy Memphis Sauce 

Hey BBQ fans, Here's an easy recipe that tastes great using our Memphis rub. If you want a homemade sauce you can make this morning and then have ready for the cook then here it is! Its ready the day you make it, but in 3 days the flavor will really develop. 


1 C Ketchup 
3T Worcestershire sauce (French's or the cheap stuff works great) 
2T Yellow ballpark mustard - cheap stuff is good 
1/2 C White vinegar (Apple cider Vin makes it more fruity) 
1/4 C Water 
1/4 C Brown Sugar 
2 1/2 T Burnt Sacrifice Memphis Rub 

Option 1

1 T Dark molasses (Brings out depth) Stronger? try 2 T 

Option 2 

1/2 t Ginger powder (brings out fruity flavor) 

Option 3 

Want it spicy? Add 1/2 t Cayenne pepper and keep adding until you get to your heat level. Why not throw in a couple old packets of pizza peppers you have lying around? It only adds character. 


Simmer for 10-20 min until it thickens up. I did it for 13 min because I wanted it a little soupy. It will be done when you stick a spoon in and there is a thin glaze on the spoon. 

 This has a lot of brown sugar in it so this will help in making some bark or cooking down on the meat for a glaze. The spices in the Memphis really work to give you some complexity. You have the chili powder, celery, and the ginger all working together with the salt against the tanginess of the sugar and the vinegar. This is focussed on chicken and pork but should be good on beef too!

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